March 2013 Meeting

I also chaired the meeting this month, as Dean Johnston was still away on vacation. Our first business item was reimbursement consideration for a bicycle and pedestrian trail bridge over I-35W in Lino Lakes. This spot is interesting as it has some parallels to the I-35W crossing at Highway 96. In this case, the existing highway bridge will need to be replaced "eventually", but there's no sign of that happening soon, so Anoka County determined that it made more sense to build a separate bridge to carry the Central Anoka County RT over the freeway. At 96, there's similarly no scheduled date for a bridge replacement, but it's already overdue and there's some glimmer of hope that it might get done soon, plus the layout of things in the area are a bit more constrained, so officials are still pursuing the trail in conjunction with a new bridge.

We also approved an acquisition grant for a parcel on the edge of Rice Creek Chain of Lakes RP. This is the parcel that was drawn into the boundaries of the park reserve in January, and contains a structure that will be used as a maintenance facility for the park as well as an Indian burial mound that survived surrounding development. The issue of how the mound will be dealt with and protected was raised again, the answer for which is that the Acquisition Master Plan states that it will be protected in consultation with local native tribes, and the details of that will be presented in the Development Master Plan.

As an information item, we got an update on the Council's quarterly Unified Capital Program amendment. These were numbers we'd seen previously, just details on how those are actually going during the year.

Full minutes

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