July 2012 Meeting

This month we approved an amendment to the Policy Plan adding two regional trails to the system, both in the west Metro. We had discussed these additions back in April, and then the required public hearing was held last month with no opposition voiced, allowing us to approve the additions this month. The Intercity RT will be a short north-south link in Richfield and Bloomington connecting the Minneapolis Chain of Lake and Grand Rounds to the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, passing the planned Nine Mile Creek RT and Mall of America on the way.

June 2012 Meeting

This meeting had a few agenda items that approved a bunch of things in bulk, as well as a discussion about a proposed policy change, so there was a bit more content than usual.

May 2012 Meeting

This meeting did not include any items of particular interest for this district, but you can check out the Meeting Minutes for more details.

April 2012 Meeting

This meeting included a boundary adjustment to the master plan for Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Regional Park, adding a parcel on the northernmost end. The parcel lies in Columbus, and will initially offer a short trail for wildlife viewing. Ultimately, it is hoped that an additional canoe access point to the creek will be added here, although it will take some work to build that since the surrounding area is wetland that will need to be crossed with a boardwalk.

March 2012 Meeting

This was the meeting where I was officially sworn in as a commissioner, and had two items of interest for my district although not actually within it.

February 2012 Meeting

I was not yet appointed yet for this meeting, but it did include an item of interest for this district. An amendment was approved to the Master Plan for the Rice Creek West RT. This amendment incorporated the existing 15 acre Manomin (Anoka) County Park in Fridley into the trail, providing a trailhead and access point to both the Rice Creek West and Mississippi River trails. This is on the segment of the trail that lies in District A, but the trail itself spans both districts, so this addition benefits trail users generally.


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