Ramsey County archery deer hunts

Ramsey County Parks and Recreation Department conducting controlled archery deer hunts at nine locations this fall.

Ramsey County Parks and Recreation Department will be conducting controlled archery deer hunts at nine locations this fall. The hunts are being conducted under the Ramsey County Cooperative Deer Management Plan passed by the Ramsey County Board. The plan is a cooperative effort between the county and the municipalities where parkland is located. The municipalities include the Cities of Maplewood, St. Paul, Shoreview, Vadnais Heights and White Bear Township. The hunts are being conducted to reduce the deer numbers in and around the parks and open space areas.

Deer numbers in Ramsey County exceed the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recommendations for a healthy deer herd. The high deer populations impact public safety through deer/car collisions, which were over 250 collisions in 2011. High deer numbers also adversely effect vegetation in the parks and surrounding private property. The number of complaints about damage to gardens and landscaping has been increasing throughout the county.

The dates for the hunts are listed below. The hunts in two of the parks will be held Monday through Wednesday to minimize the impact on the weekend trail users. All other hunts are held Fridays through Sunday. Each hunt period will be three days long with two to three weeks between hunts. The hunts will be all day long during those dates. The all or portions of the parks will be closed during the hunts. Most major paved hiking / biking trails will be open. Notification signs will be posted at the entrance points to the hunt areas. Please stay out of these areas during the hunts.

The archery hunts are being held with the assistance of the Metro Bowhunters Resource Base (MBRB). Archers for this year’s hunt have already been selected. Persons interested in future hunts can contact MBRB at http://www.mbrb.org. All participating hunters need to have taken a DNR Archery safety class, a shooting proficiency test, and follow special hunt rules.

Ramsey County Cooperative Deer Management Implementation Program for 2012

Friday-Sunday, October 5-7, October 26-28
Otter Lake (White Bear Twp)
Poplar Lake (White Bear Twp, Shoreview)
Bald Eagle (White Bear Twp)

Friday-Sunday, October 12-14, November 9-11
Fish Creek (Maplewood, St. Paul)
Snail/Grass Lake (Shoreview)
Pig’s Eye (St. Paul)

Monday-Wednesday, October 15-17, November 12-14
Battle Creek (Maplewood, St. Paul)

Monday-Wednesday, October 22-24, November 19-21
Vadnais Lake (Vadnais Heights)

Friday-Sunday, November 30-December 2, December 14-16
Turtle Creek (Shoreview)


Additional Interview Contact:
John Moriarty, Natural Resources Manager
Ramsey County Parks, 651-748-2500

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