Ramsey County residents asked to help identify I-694 pedestrian and bicycle needs at public open house

From the announcement on the Ramsey County Parks web site:

The public is invited to discuss pedestrian and bicycle needs near the I-694 corridor between Silver Lake Road and Highway 120 at an open house to be held Thursday, Sept. 27, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Shoreview Community Center, at 4580 Victoria Street North.

The open house is part of a joint study undertaken by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Ramsey County to improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility across and around the I-694 corridor. When complete, the study will help MnDOT, Ramsey County, and various cities along the corridor to improve coordination and prioritization of potential pedestrian and bicycle investments in the area.

Staff from MnDOT, Ramsey County, and cities along the corridor will be at the open house to discuss the study and hear the public’s ideas on how to improve the area for biking and walking. Maps will be available for participants to identify and comment on topics such as pedestrian and bicycle destinations, existing pedestrian and bicycle routes, and gaps or barriers in the pedestrian and bicycle network.

For additional information on the study or open house, contact Gina Mitteco, MnDOT Metro District at (651) 234-7878, e-mail gina.mitteco@state.mn.us.

I-694 currently forms a barrier to travel between Long Lake and Tony Schmidt Regional Parks and between the Trout Brook Regional Trail's current end at McCarron's Lake in Roseville and an eventual hookup with Vadnais-Snail Lakes Regional Park. Recent construction included a bridge expansion to allow for trail crossing on Lexington Avenue.

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