Rice Creek Chain of Lakes

March 2013 Meeting

I also chaired the meeting this month, as Dean Johnston was still away on vacation. Our first business item was reimbursement consideration for a bicycle and pedestrian trail bridge over I-35W in Lino Lakes. This spot is interesting as it has some parallels to the I-35W crossing at Highway 96. In this case, the existing highway bridge will need to be replaced "eventually", but there's no sign of that happening soon, so Anoka County determined that it made more sense to build a separate bridge to carry the Central Anoka County RT over the freeway.

January 2013 Meeting

For the start of the new year, one item of business was for the chair of the commission to appoint a new vice-chair to run meetings when he is absent, and I'm excited to say he chose and the commission approved me for that position.

November 2012 Meeting

We approved two new master plans in Dakota County, for trails that connect with each other in the Rosemount area. The first is the Rosemount Greenway, and the second is the Vermillion Highlands Greenway.

June 2012 Meeting

This meeting had a few agenda items that approved a bunch of things in bulk, as well as a discussion about a proposed policy change, so there was a bit more content than usual.

April 2012 Meeting

This meeting included a boundary adjustment to the master plan for Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Regional Park, adding a parcel on the northernmost end. The parcel lies in Columbus, and will initially offer a short trail for wildlife viewing. Ultimately, it is hoped that an additional canoe access point to the creek will be added here, although it will take some work to build that since the surrounding area is wetland that will need to be crossed with a boardwalk.

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