Vadnais-Snail Lakes

This park encompasses the area around Snail, Grass, Vadnais, and Sucker lakes in Shoreview and Vadnais Heights.

Ramsey County archery deer hunts

Ramsey County Parks and Recreation Department conducting controlled archery deer hunts at nine locations this fall.

Sucker Lake road construction

The road in the Sucker Lake unit of Vadnais-Snail RP will be closed and under construction from County Road F north to the picnic area (near Highway 96) beginning October 1, 2012. The picnic area will remain open and the trail will reopen by November 30.

Ramsey County residents asked to help identify I-694 pedestrian and bicycle needs at public open house

From the announcement on the Ramsey County Parks web site:

The public is invited to discuss pedestrian and bicycle needs near the I-694 corridor between Silver Lake Road and Highway 120 at an open house to be held Thursday, Sept. 27, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Shoreview Community Center, at 4580 Victoria Street North.

Sucker Lake trail construction

Sucker Lake Road and trail between County Rd F and Vadnais Blvd will be closed starting today and lasting through Spring 2013, for the project mentioned in March. The narrow, badly potholed road between East and West Vadnais Lakes will be redone as a biking and walking trail only, with limestone fishing spots along the way to provide better access to the water (where no surface use is allowed due to its use by the St. Paul Water Utility) and improved parking and access facilities at either end.

Grass Lake Trail Overlook Construction

Ramsey County will be beginning construction in the next few days of a new overlook of Grass Lake, in Vadnais-Snail Lakes Regional Park. The main trail in the area will remain open throughout construction, which is due to be completed by August 30th. This is a continuation of various rehabilitation and improvement work that's been occurring in the Grass Lake area throughout this year, bringing that section of the park up to the level of quality seen in the other portions.

July 2012 Meeting

This month we approved an amendment to the Policy Plan adding two regional trails to the system, both in the west Metro. We had discussed these additions back in April, and then the required public hearing was held last month with no opposition voiced, allowing us to approve the additions this month. The Intercity RT will be a short north-south link in Richfield and Bloomington connecting the Minneapolis Chain of Lake and Grand Rounds to the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, passing the planned Nine Mile Creek RT and Mall of America on the way.

June 2012 Meeting

This meeting had a few agenda items that approved a bunch of things in bulk, as well as a discussion about a proposed policy change, so there was a bit more content than usual.

Prescribed Burns in Ramsey County for 2012

Ramsey County will be conducting prescribed burns in many area parks this spring to improve the growth of native prairie plants and control weeds. Parks in District E included in the burn plan are Snail Lake and Tony Schmidt. Exact dates will depend on weather conditions, so are not available in advance.

Press Release

March 2012 Meeting

This was the meeting where I was officially sworn in as a commissioner, and had two items of interest for my district although not actually within it.

Prairie and Savanna Restoration at Grass Lake

From the Ramsey County project updates page:

A prairie and savanna restoration project is underway at the Grass Lake portion of Snail Lake Regional Park. The project area being restored is south of Gramsie Road.

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