Lifetime fishing and hunting licenses

For reference, this is what I sent (minus typos) to a handful of legislators involved in fish & game policy today. If you agree, I'd encourage you to write to your own to suggest they support such a change.

Hi, as legislators who have previously shown interest in game and fish provisions, I have a simple suggestion for you to consider. Within the lifetime licenses provided for under M.S. 97A.473 and 97A.474, there are several that cover multiple categories of outdoor recreational activities, for instance the "Resident Lifetime sporting with spearing option license" (M.S. 97A.473, subdivision 5a) which authorizes a person for angling, spearing, small game hunting, and furbearer trapping. These activities are also covered individually by more specific licenses, like the angling-only "Resident Lifetime angling license" (subdivision 2).

Given that it is in the best interest of the state to encourage more people to get involved in more of these activities, our lifetime license structure should allow for individuals to add activities over time. What I mean by that is I'd like it to be possible for the more specific licenses to be "upgraded" to the broader licenses, for just the difference in their respective prices, rather than having to buy the separate license for each additional activity if your first purchase was not the broader one.

For example, if a person currently holds a Resident Lifetime angling license (which currently costs $383 for ages 16 to 50, until March 1 at least), and wanted to add small game hunting, current law (according to the DNR License Center) requires that person to buy the separate Resident Lifetime small game hunting license (subdivision 3) for $363. I would like to suggest that they be allowed to instead upgrade their existing license to the Resident Lifetime sporting license (subdivision 5, which covers those two activities and only those two) for $230 (the $613 price of the sporting license less the $383 value of their existing angling license).

Such a provision should be written in such a way that it only allows for adding activity authorizations (not conversions the other direction, or "downgrading" of licenses).

Would you be willing to author a bill to allow for that in the coming session?

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